Expert Reports (Expert Witness) In London
Taylor & Co Valuations offers professional expert services on all aspects relating to gemstones, diamonds and jewellery and precious metal objects. Our clients include insurers, accountants, liquidators, and creditors police trading standards, plaintiffs, respondents, working for both the defence and prosecution in both civil and criminal actions. The majority of work completed involves value for which we have developed extensive resources, we also have extensive testing resources both in expertise and advanced testing equipment.
Dr Richard Taylor the principal valuer and consultant have more than 30 years’ experience in preparing expert reports used in civil, criminal, and matrimonial disputes. His international reputation means he is frequently instructed for international clients working in Africa, USA, Europe, South America, Middle East, and Asia. He is frequently instructed by Police, Revenue and Customs, and other government departments, as well as major international companies and private individuals. His experience and qualifications are exceptional so the quality of the advice and the reports produced are impeccable.
We provide expert services for both privately funded and publicly funded cases.

Insurance litigation and disputes involving jewellery and gemstones

  • Disputes pertaining to the retail & manufacturing of jewellery and gems
  • Jewellery expertly analysed & quantum assessed
  • Jewellery manufacturing expert
  • Diamond and gemstone valuations
  • Damage reports and assessments
  • Business Stock valuations
  • Experienced in trading standards issues